The Secret to Finding a Therapist You Vibe With

As I look forward to my next steps in practice, I've been percolating on the idea of some kind of online self-help style course for trauma survivors. There's a lot to consider to do this and do this well. So, even though I am in the early stages of development, I am...

Reality Check Regarding Power

While hanging out in turtle mode, I realized that perpetration has actually been in power for a long time.

Be Awkward

In session, my clients say the most amazing things. Things that help others hear their hearts and foster closeness.


EMERGE: I’ve been quiet lately.

I’ve needed to be.

The last several weeks have been really hard. And alongside my fellow survivors and allies I’ve felt disheartened, rage, betrayal, concern, triggered, etc.

So, I went inward into my more pensive self. I gave difficult feelings the presence they needed in an effort to process them. I cried, slept, did nothing at times and overall took extra space for self-care. All in turtle mode.

Who Planted All the Cacti?!

I’m originally from Austin, Texas (yes, I know, I’m a unicorn) but I left for several years for grad school and stayed gone for a bit longer for love.

Trauma Informed as a Way of Being

There’s a lot of talk about being trauma informed. And trainings. I’ve taken a lot of them.
By all means, a structured way to learn about common ways people feel safe or unsafe related to specific experiences is important.
However, I would caution anyone from getting prescriptive with this kind of information. It’s not simply a laundry list of what to do or not to do – it’s truly a way of being.

Rethinking “No Boundaries”

This past year, I participated in an intensive training called DEEP. DEEP is a fusion of attachment theory, somatic approaches, trauma therapy and depth psychology in an experiential therapeutic approach . And, so much is still sinking in for me.

One of the things I’ve had to rethink in this experience is the idea of having “no boundaries.” We say this a lot – about ourselves, other people, you name it.

Great How?

We say this word all the time.


And we often assume a positive meaning.

However, in my recent trip to Rome, I was reminded that this word is mainly a qualifier of something else. It implies magnitude, not inherently positivity.

Creating A Life

This past weekend, I got to hang out with several friend-colleagues that I absolutely adore and respect among the trees and mountains in Washington.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2018

It's almost the end of April - Sexual Assault Awareness Month. And instead of giving facts and figures, I want to speak directly to every person out there who is working hard to overcome this - whether you call it sexual assault, rape, molestation, going too far,...

Power Need Not Explain Itself

Last weekend I was in the Somatic Experiencing Training and as part of the experience, we practice on each other and have 1-on-1 sessions with SE Practitioners.

How to be More of Yourself

In my last blog post, I shared a little back story on how I came to view confidence through this lens of being and experiencing rather than as a thing to have. This post is all about tangible strategies you can practice to lean into and become more of yourself. While...

Perhaps It’s Not Running

“You can’t run from your problems.” and it’s true – you can’t. But you can give yourself a break. And sometimes that’s the wisest thing.