The Secret to Finding a Therapist You Vibe With

As I look forward to my next steps in practice, I've been percolating on the idea of some kind of online self-help style course for trauma survivors. There's a lot to consider to do this and do this well. So, even though I am in the early stages of development, I am...

Your Anger is Welcome Here

Women are often sent the message that their anger is not welcome, unacceptable, “unbecoming of a lady.”

Explore Insecurity

Insecurity, like many difficult feelings, is one we often try to banish. However, the more we avoid insecurity, the stronger it tends to grow.

Hope & Attachment

We’ve all had moments of feeling let down when we “got our hopes up” about something.

Overcoming the Shoulds

The shoulds show up a lot, don’t they? And they make us feel so disempowered.

Your Life, Your Choices

I often hear clients talk about the not-so-subtle shoulds that loved ones sling their way.

“What does your therapist say?”

“You’re barking up the wrong tree.”

“You just need to get over it.”

“That’s not a very wise choice…remember what happened with so-n-so?”

Oftentimes, this comes from a place of love but feels pretty shitty to be, essentially, told how to live your life.

Internal VIPs

We all have people in our lives who we’ve internalized to some extent – like parents, mentors, parents of choice, partners, friends, etc. These are called attachment figures. Parents and caregivers will have the strongest role initially in our lives.

Healing is Within You

Each of us is designed to heal. For example, if you get a little scratch on your arm, you will bleed, but then the blood will clot to create a scab. Your body will also send some inflammation to the scratch to puff up the skin and help close the wound.

Healing in Spirals

By all means, I am not the first person to say this and I definitely won’t be the last.⁣ Whether it’s a loss, a trauma, a difficult relationship or experience – healing occurs in spirals

Honor Big Feels

We often get stumped by big feelings.⁣

Feelings that may have been deemed “inappropriate” or “off-limits” during our upbringing.⁣

Feelings that our attachment figures didn’t know what to do with – therefore, we don’t know what to do with them.⁣

Feelings that cultural norms throw shade on.⁣

Feeling With

Culture tells us that emotions make us weak, soft or broken if in abundance. This narrative will have us believe that there is something wrong with us when feeling emotional and it can lead us to disconnect from ourselves.

Be Fabulous & Vote

Everyone is saying to vote right now and I think it’s hard to feel motivated to go vote when our political system is so complex and you might not know where to start.