Natalia Amari, LMSW, Psychotherapist focused on trauma and feminist practice in Austin, Texas


Hello! I’m Natalia – a psychotherapist, a creative and a feisty femme. I help people cultivate their inner badass and break free from their pasts.

Many of my clients come to work with me at a time in their lives when they feel held back due to an experience of trauma, intense loss or a major life transition. In these times, we don’t know how to respond to the world around us and still be ourselves. The whole idea of “the self” could even feel lost. Sometimes we feel broken or incomplete, but, it’s not the end. Not yet.

Over the years, I have been primarily drawn to work with survivors of childhood abuse, domestic, and sexual violence. If this work has taught me anything, it’s taught me this: there is more hope, possibility, and power when we work together to bring about change. Whatever kind of change that may be.

What I love most about working with survivors is fiercely holding hope while delicately encouraging the sparks of change at a time that can be so dark.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t scare easily and I don’t run out of hope because I am a trauma survivor myself. This is what I was born into. I know what it’s like to feel the shame, disempowerment, solitude, helplessness and overwhelm that goes along with experiencing trauma. I also went through one hell of a quarter-life crisis.

And I came through the other end. Having regained a sense of power in my life, I am driven to share that with other people to help them find their own way through.

Providing psychotherapy to survivors is also one of the best ways I can be an activist for social change.

Learning to be real with ourselves, to love ourselves, and to find a way to overcome our own painful experiences allows us to lead our lives with love. Rather than hate.

Another thing I have learned along the way is that we humans are a hell of a lot more resilient than we think we will be in these situations. It’s not just me, it’s ALL of us. We are designed to survive. And no two experiences affect us the same way, nor do we respond to the same kind of experience the same way every time. This is something I love sharing with my clients.

Which leads me back to you.

I am not here to fix you, save you, tell you how to run your life, or assume that your experiences would be just like my experiences. I am here to create a space to help you tune into your core self and unravel the riddles of your life. Because, deep within you are your own unique solutions for overcoming this.

That’s the key. And I can help guide you there.


domestic & sexual violence
family of origin challenges
life transitions
identity-related concerns


stage based trauma therapy
narrative therapy
creative approaches


Licensed Master Social Worker
License #63383
Administered by:
Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners

Supervised by:
Mary B. Mattis, LCSW, LCDC


Completed DEEP Skills and Theory Training
Austin, TX
September 2017-June 2018

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner in Training
Austin, TX
February 2018-ongoing

Master of Social Work
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of Texas
Austin, TX


“I have been able to utilize the resources here to help ensure that I am on, and stay on, a healthy path.  Natalia was always professional.   I have really appreciated working with her as she has been extremely responsive, flexible, and able to devise other techniques and tactics in the sessions.  This has been the first time I have truly felt that I was able to have a co-working experience and a hands-on approach in therapy.”

- Fierce & Beautiful Human, Age 27

When not facilitating life changing girl talk I may be…

…advocating for civil rights…because our work is nowhere near done.
…sitting in my pajamas knitting and watching Netflix. Who doesn’t do some version of this?
…being walked by my exuberant chocolate lab, Lomeo.
…playing with photography and capturing light.
…basking in the sun.
…enjoying my hometown of ATX and traveling to other beautiful places with my Italian partner in life.

Like I've been saying, there's a master maven inside you who's got this.

But if you are having trouble reaching her, connect with me.

Together, we will get her to come to you.