We repeat what we do not heal.

Trauma is like a legacy.

Any trauma that happens now is a reflection of another hurt that happened before. Many times even generations before.

When we grow up amid trauma and oppression, we do our best to cope. And sometimes that coping yields more hurt.

This can be so painful to look at. Painful to consider that we, ourselves, might actually be repeating the hurt we’ve endured.

When caught in blame and shame, it’s important to remember that it didn’t start with you. None of this truly started with any of us.

We inherited it, though. And now it’s ours to deal with. To find a way not to repeat it is now on our shoulders.

This is vulnerable work. But that vulnerable work is the key to breaking the cycle of trauma and violence.

You don’t have to do it alone – in fact I recommend that you not. Relational hurts require relational healing.

And there are people, myself included, ready and able to help.

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