By all means, I am not the first person to say this and I definitely won’t be the last.⁣

Whether it’s a loss, a trauma, a difficult relationship or experience – healing occurs in spirals.⁣

When we are acutely in a difficult life experience it can feel like nothing is ever going to get better.⁣

Yet things often do get better. So much so that it can be hard to remember the feelings that we felt before in the same vivid detail.⁣

We can start to feel like we are “healed” and we may even catch ourselves wondering, “who’s past is that?”⁣

We get comfortable in this place and then, inevitably, life throws us something that awakens all the same old feelings.⁣

It can feel so torrential. We may feel blindsided and start to question if all that healing work mattered it all.⁣

But, here’s the truth — healing is a process, not a destination. And that doesn’t make it any less impactful.⁣

All those feelings can arise again, but it doesn’t actually mean you are in the same place. With all the healing work you have done, you are more resilient and more capable of navigating this than you were before.⁣

Truly, this is an opportunity to deepen that healing. To work on a new layer of that experience. This is the spiral.⁣

My sincerest hope is that this idea will help reduce some of this kind of overwhelm next time one of these moments shows up for you — even just 5%.

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