Insecurity, like many difficult feelings, is one we often try to banish. However, the more we avoid insecurity, the stronger it tends to grow. ⠀

Instead, I invite you to get curious. ⠀

Why is insecurity showing up now? What beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions are coupled with insecurity? Is it really insecurity or something else? ⠀

Is there any benefit to this insecurity? Has it ever been helpful? Even once? ⠀

If insecurity sent you a memo, what would it say? ⠀

Are you owning insecurity for something that’s not your’s to own? Does this insecurity say more about them or you? ⠀

Really see if you can get to know the inner workings. Sometimes the results of such an exploration can surprise us, release us, or make us realize we need to recruit some help with it. That’s ok. You’re on your way.

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