In session, my clients say the most amazing things. Things that help others hear their hearts and foster closeness. ⁣

I often ask, “Have you shared that with _______?” ⁣

And many times, they say no. ⁣

When I ask why not, awkwardness comes up a lot as a reason. ⁣

Fears about timing, saying the right words and bumbling over them show up frequently. Not to mention, fears about being seen as silly or overly emotional or sentimental also show up.⁣

But there is such strength in this kind of softness or vulnerability. Sometimes the things that make us feel awkward are the things that we really need to say – the things that would help the most. ⁣

So to that, I say — be awkward. ⁣

And, in fact, perhaps that’s the most fearless thing of all.

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